I consider visual design as a very important phenomenon in people’s lives.  It is a form of communication. If executed well it builds confidence and attracts a subject. With this remarkably mighty tool in hands, every goal becomes more than achievable. But what design is good design?

There are many tasteless things around us. Huge amount of useless and unnecessary details distract the subject and blow away all the effort to build a value.

Good design is functional. An intuitive behaviour based on innovative solutions enables the object to carry out a specific task. Design is not just about how it looks. It is also about how it works.

Good design is distinctive. It distinguishes the object from all. There is a variety of ways to stand out, but the time-tested terms are: simple, friendly, aesthetic.

Good design is reasonable. Details only as details, is nothing but a rhyme without reason. Rhyme begins when every single moment has its role. The whole then turns into one object that just works and is simply long-lived.

Quality over quantity, simplicity over complexity, philosophy over business, passion over rationality, creativity over rules, humanity over technology, hunger over apathy, intuition over stereotypes.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works  ~Steve Jobs